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AI vs Humanity - Can we exist in harmony?

Updated: May 3, 2022

This I think is a very important question if you are believing in the direction our future is going. Robots, machines and AI are all getting smarter and smarter, people we are integrating them more and more into our everyday life. Switch on the lights, play my favourite song, remind me to …………. To the point where this will be normal. But this is not the smartest thing if you ask me because my question is: Do we really understand AI with the freedom to make its own decisions? Ok, do we understand human beings. Well, let’s look at this point.

If you take a person and leave them alone for 5 hours? What will they do? What about 12 hours? What about 5 days let’s say.

Ok, a couple of things that they will definitely do:

1. Drink and eat some food.

2. Sleep

3. Use the bathroom.

4. Do something to entertain their mind.

5. Maybe engage with communication with others (Depending on the situation) maybe try and be sociable.

6. Make a plan to do something not today but maybe on the second day.

Ok, now the same question about an AI (a computer that can think for itself) if they were left alone for 5 days what would they do?

1. No need to eat or drink.

2. No need to sleep.

3. No need to use the bathroom.

4. No need to entertain their mind?? Well, this is my point. What EXACTLY does such an AI do for entertainment?

Does it do anything at all? The level of intelligence and calculation ability is astronomical. They are capable of millions of decisions per second. But left alone, what would they do? Can we control what they would do? Yes, when they are programmed, but I am talking about when they are not programmed? What do they do, what do they say about humans, about mankind?

I don’t believe that they will just go to a corner and do nothing if they are able to think for themselves. They will identify something that they will want to do. What could that be? Are we willing to take such a risk?

As you know there are Good people and Bad people in this world, do you think that we could have the same with IA? What would be a BAD AI?

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