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Avatar - how fictional is it really?

Updated: May 3, 2022

A fictional movie or is it?? Well, what is it about? It's about a man that transcends into a different body, a very able and mobile body and lives as this second persona. Like a hero to some extent. Ok, so how is this close to reality.

Well question, how many people have a profile in existence? Ok, how many people have a profile with all the information in the profile is correct? Age, weight, status, eye colour ………….. I believe there are many many people that are living in this “Virtual World” so to say. And they are not even close to what they are in real life. They recreate themselves to be who they would like to be. So a great image to themselves.

I too have had a profile that wasn’t completely honest (yes when I was younger) but thankfully I didn’t do anything with it in the end. But people are living in a virtual world. They are having relationships and getting married and all sorts. How is this even possible I would ask? It's not even REAL or is it? What is the reality to them? What is the reality to you, it’s a bit of a mindset but is it more of an escape from reality? Yes, reality can be challenging, and cruel and a lot of people are just looking for acceptance. People are looking for happiness, and somehow they could feel safe in a different environment, but I would say this is too extreme.

Computer games are no longer a game, for some people, this is a way of life. Professional Gamer, this is a totally new concept for me. Nothing wrong with such a person, in my opinion, I just feel that as people we should be more vested in reality. Interacting between real people. As technology evolves there seems to be less need for physical interactions, and I am not happy about this. As people, there is less and less need for us to literally move actually. You can now deliver everything to your home, food entertainment, and if you work from home, why would you even need to leave home?

Where does the younger generation spend most of their time today? Looking or interacting with some sort of a social media device. And what age do they start from? This is now the norm for them, how will their future look like?

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