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Coming out of "Lockdown" will we make progress?

Updated: May 3, 2022

Finally coming out of Lockdown, but are we heading in the right direction? What have we learned? What will we put into practice; will we be different?

Say an offender coming out of Jail, is it possible they will re-offend? Absolutely yes. Is it possible they will never offend again? Absolutely yes. Are they changed as a person, not necessarily? They have lived and understood the experienced, but we are not sure if they will learn or implement something from it? As the saying says, you can teach someone – BUT you cannot make them think.

Loving the Lockdown:

I am sure there are several people who have grown accustomed to Lockdown. They would actually prefer to remain in lockdown. Receiving 80% of their salary for staying at home, “Thank you very much”. Unfortunately, the furlough will end, and these people will HAVE to be a bit proactive regarding earning and will have to go back to work. It will be strange for some of them but the reality is we all still need to earn.

Are we Going in the right direction?

What is the right direction? This blog is about “What have we learnt from our time in Lockdown”. I believe that it was a time to reflect on real values for us all as individuals. We all missed things physically and emotionally, but the question is what will you do now going forward? What is the priority? Spending time with your family that you have not seen. Spending more time back at work? Desperately to earn more money as you lost a lot during the lockdown. Less time at work, trying to work more over the internet?

What about the people looking at their businesses that may not re-open due to covid-19 restrictions. Can we do what we were doing before the lockdown?

The simple answer is NO. Due to the continuous threat of the virus, we need to make some changes/adjustments to our lives. This is not optional. But we still live with the same desires. Maybe our needs and wants may have changed slightly as we learnt to live without some of them BUT: as humans, we still need a lot, and where will we find this? Where are we looking?

We need to adjust/accept and re-find our social happiness, it will look different, but we still need it. We just cannot go back. So, this is about a new forward direction, embrace it, live it, enjoy it.

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