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Is this too much? What is too much?

Updated: May 3, 2022

As people do, we know what is too much? Do you think the person that made this pile of money said, “Ok guys this is enough now we will stop making any more money?”. I think we both know the answer to that is a big NO. As people, we are designed to want MORE, it's in our nature. We always want more or strive for more. And when we achieve our goal, then we up the anti and give ourselves a new goal, more difficult than the last. If a person won the lottery and you gave them everything they asked for till they were completely satisfied. If you came back in one year’s time and asked them if they wanted anything else, you think they would say, NO as I have everything I wanted. Well I think we both know the answer to that, they would say a big YES and give you a new list of things, why is this?

This is because people are satisfied momentarily in a way. If you are happy/satisfied today with ABC it does not mean you will be happy tomorrow with ABC. I have seen this with women that I have known, today they are happy with ............. and tomorrow they are totally not happy with the same ............ BUT this is not about women it's about people, it's about human nature. We always want more. A person that owns the latest Lamborghini that has a top speed of 300mph (as an example) next year when the new one comes out that does 360mph, "Oooohh my god, I have to have it", the funny thing is that they will only ever drive the Lamborghini at about 90mph. True?? So do we need to have more? It's just the way we are programmed, that's why you need to understand your wants and needs to ensure you make better decisions regarding what you "Want" vs what you "Need".

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