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Motivation for 2020

Updated: May 3, 2022

Motivation, what actually motivates people. What do you need to do to be motivated, get motivated? Do you even need to be motivated in life? Ok, let’s look at this first point.

Do you need to be motivated? I would say that NO. As long as you are happy to exist in your current environment and it does not change, then you don’t need to be motivated. For example, if you have a job at ………….. and you are able to manage it. Then as long as you keep this job and are settled in your life you don’t need to be motivated. If you lose this job or get made redundant then you may have to do a bit more to get a new job.

But let’s talk about how you get motivated, where can you get this, who is it coming from, and can I buy it? Do I need it? Well to progress or successes in life the answer is yes, it is one of the requirements to do better as you need to better your abilities. So how do you get motivated?

(1) People and their stories, showing a journey that they took in their lives. (Thoughtful Information)

(2) People and their actions, they may do something that you think is amazing. (Thoughtful Information)

(3) An incident that affected you and your outlook on life, like say you were involved in a car crash (A near-death experience) and you survived, it may change how your outlook on certain things.

Thoughtful Information - People listen, watch and see things every day, BUT are they listening to Thoughtful Information? Are they actually taking this information in? For example: if I am watching a movie, I am generally tuned into it and the unfolding story of the movie. During this time period, I would say I am not open to “thoughtful Information” even if it is being said to me. This means you need to be in a position where you are able and want to focus on what is actually being said. This is the first issue, that people are not actually hearing or looking to be inspired? When do you actually listen to a story about …………. Because it is interesting or just incredible? What was the last story you heard where you thought mmmmmmm dam that was incredible? This is where you will find motivation.

What is actually being said – Now we are all very different as people, so there is not one thing that will motivate all people. It has to be in a language we understand and a situation we are interested in. Generally speaking, it is people telling stories usually of great achievements OR people telling a story of their life/death, or a situation that they made it through. It HAS to be something that you can relate to or believe in, to the point where you say, I COULD / WANT TO DO THAT. IF THEY CAN DO IT THEN I CAN DO IT. And then you will BELIEVE you can. This is motivation and it is the strongest force there is. When a person is motivated, they are capable of achieving many more things in life. Going beyond what is expected, exceeding on all fronts. So, I define “Motivated” as self-belief and it will make you do what you have to to achieve. I will give you an example.

I bought myself a bicycle and was doing some casual cycling, to work and back and on the weekends every now and then. Nothing too serious but I did enjoy it. I then got involved with a group of people that were doing the London to Brighton ride. I decided, I want to do this, and believed I could even though I had never cycled such a distance before. So, like with any task you will take on, I started training, cycling 3 to 5 times a week. After work, on the weekends I was motivated to get my fitness levels up. No one needed to make me cycle, as I was determined on my own. Motivation will make you do all you need to do. You want to be a teacher, it will make you study, you want to be strong it will get you to the Gym, I wanted to cycle to Brighton, and it got me on my bike. On the day I was very nervous, but it was great, and it took me about 7 hours, it definitely was challenging but when I crossed the finish line, I felt a great sense of achievement that made everything worth it.

So if you are open, you will hear stories all around you, and hopefully, you will be inspired by some of them. This will motivate you to do better with an aspect of your life you want to excel in. To challenge yourself, mentally or physically to do better.

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