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Naked - What is our natural habitat?

Updated: May 3, 2022

What is our natural habitat? Ok, what is an animal’s natural habitat? Have you ever seen an animal not comfortable in the wild? A horse, tiger, a shark all of these are very happy in their natural environment. They are naked and this does not affect them in any way. They don't need any tools to go hunting. Like a polar bear, do you ever think you will find one that is out hunting with a spear or is too cold to be out in the snow/ice? It is designed to be there, so no you will not find this.

These animals strive in their natural habitat. They hunt what they can naturally catch and eat without assistance.

Unfortunately, today you will find some animals with clothing or protection on, my point is – they don’t actually need this protection. In nature they can survive naturally. So, lets talk about people, where is our natural habitat? Where can we exist “Naked” and be effective?

These naked people below, how long do you think they could survive in this environment? Do you believe they could actually strive here? Would they be hunting and gathering, or would the focus only be on warmth? Could they exist naked here? I think the answer is “Absolutely Not”. We could only survive in this environment with many layers of material to keep them warm, a fire and a shelter to keep them warm at night when it is much colder.

What about being in the heat? Yes, we need protection as well, shade, some protective cream maybe even some sunglasses. So this is not anyone’s natural habitat, if it was we would not need modifications / extra protection to survive, just like the animals.

What about hunting, what can a human hunt/catch naturally. See a lion will catch a Zebra and eat it there and then. It does not need a knife or anything like that. I would say this is a natural process. So, my question is: what can a human catch naturally, unaided and eat there and then? Fruits and vegetables agreed. What else? Not much, so my point is we are not eating something that is natural to / for us. We use tools to catch, clean and cook before we eat, does this make it our natural food source?

There is also a theory, that I actually used to believe at one time. That we evolved from prime mates. So yes, if we evolved. My question is if we were prime mates with fur, and we started to evolve and lose our fur, why would we lose all our fur to the point where we need to start wearing layers again? Surly at the point where we could exist naturally, we would stop evolving?

Ok I will close on a radical idea, maybe “We are the Aliens” to be continues……………..

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