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Oppression - Have you experienced it?

Updated: May 3, 2022

Oppression, what does it mean to you? Have we progressed as a society? Are we improving, or are we regressing? Did we learn from our past experiences?

For those that experience it and live it, there is nothing more to learn as you will have very strong opinions about this; for those that are privileged, there is much to learn, but not enough has been done. Why do we live in a world full of inequality? What defines inequality? Physically we are the same product; we see the same doctors take the same medication. We eat sleep and work; educate and learn the same way, but still, we turn out so differently? Why?

White does not mean superior; Black does not mean poverty. No matter what the majority of people may represent, by definition, these are colours and not a status. Being black does not mean you have to live with inequality, it's society, Law, and people that need to change. There are Black & White people fighting/demonstrating for “Black Lives Matter”. This is because it’s the right thing to do.

In 2016 an NFL player took a knee during the national anthem; he did this to highlight the struggle of black people. This was not accepted to the point that the president of the USA said this is not acceptable as it is disrespectful. People were told they had to stand during the anthem. The NFL organization did not support it either. Today this has changed, and the NFL organization now supports the notion that people have the right to show support; 4 YEARS later?

People have a belief, and this is being violated, how do you expect them to respond? In the USA, it took 4 years for a simple act of kneeling to be accepted, how do you think those people that wanted to do this but could not, felt? Now you say, it's ok, and we support you? What changed besides another black man being killed by “White Police”?

Black lives matter – This is about enough is enough. We are fed up with being treated less. And it's possible there will be violence as we have lived oppressed but will take it no more. We will fight on all fronts for what is right. It’s our right, just like it’s your right. Who wants to let anyone walk all over them? As humans, we have rights, “YES” black people too. The Police have rights and duties. I absolutely agree with this. But they also have a professional code of conduct, that they are failing on.

I don’t believe people are asking for special treatment, but don’t treat people differently. Let us start with “Equality” for all as it's should not be about Black or White.

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