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Why I Blog?

Updated: May 3, 2022

Welcome to my blog. Why blog you may ask? Why run I would ask, why do a challenge? Why put a part of you out there for people to read? Well, there are many individual reasons to answer this question, I will explain mine.

This is a blog about sharing thoughts and ideas. It’s about questioning reality or our own individual interpretation of reality. It’s about agreeing or disagreeing and an explanation of why you opt for either. I would like everything here to be the truth; your truth or my truth. There is no reason to lie, makeup stories, or create fictional stories. This is about thoughts, ideas, understanding and questioning. How many of you have asked, I wonder how …………… and just left it at that? We could explore those topics more here. There will be no porn or nakedness in this blog but there will be a multitude of topics covered. A topic will be explained in my interpretation, from my experience, thoughts and understanding. To let you have a perspective on how I see/understand the topic in question. I invite you to agree or disagree and maybe give your interpretation/understanding of the same topic so I may understand why you think the way you do. There is no right or wrong interpretation. This may change my perspective or make me go and experience it myself, and educate myself better.

I asked earlier on, why run / do a challenge? This blog is a place to express myself. We as people have a lot of thoughts ideas and both physical and emotional energy, and sometimes it’s difficult to let it out in a controlled and safe manner. So I will put my thoughts here as a form of release, and invite you to do the same.

How will failure or success be measured in this blog? Well, success is my thoughts appealing to another person and them responding with their thoughts and reasons (interpretations). Failure, well there is no failure and I am expressing myself. I am not selling anything so there is no real failure. As this is the same as my mind going for a run.

Content, I look to update content on my blog a minimum of once a week. I hope that you read this information and extract something from it because in life we all need something different and we can find these things in the most unusual places.

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