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Possession - what does it actually mean?

Updated: May 3, 2022

What is possession? What do we truly possess? I will give you my theory, and maybe you may agree that we don't actually own much. Yes, we use just about everything, but we don't own much. I will explain in detail and happy for you to let me know what you think?

What do you own? Your mobile, your clothes, your vehicle? Yes, this sounds like things that we all possess, but what happens on a night out, and you lose your phone? Do you return from a night out without your jacket? Your car gets stolen? Mmmm now hang on a second, if it is your possession then it should always be with you, but just like that, it is gone? So I ask, was it really yours? Or you were only using it for a while? I will explain more. Ok, definitely a more sad situation and serious one, a situation I won't joke about or talk lightly about it. Your child goes out to play, or goes on a night out and does not return, Abducted, killed or missing this can happen, so even a child can go missing. Not a nice thing to talk about, but the truth is, as a person, you can lose anything at any time. So what do you possess? I would say your emotions.

Mmmmm ok, then there is let's say "Alcohol", this is widely used and I feel I should mention it because once people get intoxicated they are not totally in control of their actions and reactions. But I think this may be discussed as a separate topic and it is a very large and complicated topic. Like when you hear some tragic news, for the next ......... of time, you may not be in control of your emotions. You may cry or get hysterical and uncontrollably. So even the one thing that you control, you don't always control it. So possession is momentary.

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