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Racism - where do people draw the line?

Updated: May 3, 2022

This is a topic I will never cover in a simple blog as it is vast with many different interpretations, but I will give you one version. And I want to state that there are many people that are not racist in any way, both young and old just accepting people as people. But some are what I would say are "Convenient Racists" and I will try and explain:

Brussel Sprouts mmmmmmm I absolutely hate them. You will not find me eating them. If I have a choice, I will not eat them. Ok if I was starving somewhere and my life depended on it, yes, I would eat them but if I had a choice you will never find me eating them. This is simple. You could say, that I stay true to my taste buds, Sorry BS I just don’t like you; and this should be absolutely acceptable. So, does this relate to racism? I will give you an interpretation.

Let’s say there is a White person and they hate Black people, Then I say they should choose not to associate themselves with Black people at any time. ANY TIME. But do they? My answer is no, they don’t do this. See they will go to a store, get served by a Black Person (BP), jump on a bus driven by a (BP) have their car fixed by a (BP) even be protected, say the police are a (BP). They may even hang out with a (BP) now and then. This all seems to be ok. But when their daughter brings a black man home mmmmmmm things change a bit here.

Ok, I want to state that there is a special relationship between a father and a daughter, and I am sure they will always be protective. But this example is not about the first or second boyfriend brought home. This example is about an adult woman bringing a man of colour to meet her parents for the first time having been on the dating scene for a while.

Why is that, they happily interacted with ………(BP) with no issues, or was this just about convenience? If you don’t like black people you should not accept them in any aspects of your life if you have a choice. You will not surprise visit me at home and find me secretly feasting on brussels sprouts? Maybe a poster of Brussel sprouts on my bedroom wall? This is about choice, and some people are not true to what they claim. (Watch a movie called “America History X for a powerful message on real racism)

I am not a fan of racism, because this should be about human beings, being a person of colour, I have experienced many forms of racism, but I have also experienced many forms of total acceptance, so there are good people out there. I hope society will change and realise that we are all the same and generally wanting the same things in life.

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1 Comment

Nov 09, 2019

Unfortunately people do live by double standards, where what they say is not in line with what they do or how they behave, especailly when it applies to close family. When it comes to them different set of rules seems to be the standard. Now why is a very good questions, so I shall leave this one for your nex blog.

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