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The Body and the Mind

Updated: May 3, 2022

Let's talk about our body and our mind. These are two distinct different entities that work as one unit. Like a pilot in a plane. The plane has great power, but it's the pilot and their skill that controls the plane. The pilot is our mind and the plane is our body, So how do you look after your mind and body? What do we give it, and what do we feed it? Do we look after our body?

I don't believe that we do this enough. Our brain will always learn, but we don't always follow what we know. How many times do people do something that they know they are not meant to do? Even if you know the right thing but for some reason, you may do something different. You need to look after your Pilot, keep him well trained, because they will look after your plane, after all, you only have one plain. You also need to be making good decisions in life.

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