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You are fired - Is this an Opportunity

Updated: May 3, 2022

People in life look and hope for an opportunity, but when it comes; do they recognise it? Would you recognise it? What does it look like? Are they ready for it? Getting fired, could this be a chance for something better? Most people are not ready for the opportunity, they carry on in life with their head down, but I want to tell you a story about opportunity. I didn't make up this story I have heard it along the way and wanted to share it with you.

“A man works in a car park, mainly keeping the place clean of leaves and some very basic DIY of the area, he smokes, is not very ambitious and has worked there for about 25 years. Then one day his Boss says, from mow on each car that arrived into the car park you need to write down the number plate and also ask and write down the driver’s name if you don’t know them. The man said that he could not read or write. His Boss then fired him.

So, he packed up his things to leave, so as stated he smoked but he didn’t have any cigarettes on him, and he needed to smoke. So, he left, walking looking to buy a cigarette, he actually walked a very long way before he found a place that sells cigarettes. Now he had savings over the last 25 years that he was doing nothing with. So, he decided to open a small cigarette kiosk close to where he used to work. As it was the only one in the area, it soon became very successful. So, he opened a second and then a third. Soon the man was a very successful entrepreneur and he was invited to speak at a seminar. At the seminar, he was given an award/document and he thanked the person that gave it to him, he then promptly gave it to another person from his entourage. The person that gave him the award/document asked him, “Are you not going to read it?”. The man replied, “I cannot read that is why I gave it to ………. Because he reads everything for me”. The person giving the award was stunned and said, “You can read? IMAGINE WANT YOU COULD HAVE BEEN IF YOU COULD READ”.

Well in this story, the man would have been still parking cars and writing down the names of the drivers and number plates.

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