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Black lives matter - How did we get here?

Updated: May 3, 2022

Do black lives matter? Absolutely yes. Do white lives matter? Absolutely yes, so what is the problem then? Well, there are a few problems to say the least but lets look at two things causing the issues, and I will try to explain them:

Equality There is a lot more unacceptable behaviour towards Black People because people have not yet accepted them as equals. People are judged with all the wrong criteria. Poor, homeless, dressed like a gangster (in their interpretation), Rich - because a black man with a lot of cash money or a nice car is suspicious. WHY? I just watched an article about a black man that went to the bank and withdrew $200 000 from his own account, legitimately. ID checked and all fine. He was an unknown rapper millionaire. So, after they gave him his money, the Bank Manager called the Police as it was suspicious. Police surrounded him, took him to the ground with guns to his head, and handcuffed him before doing anything else. He was a millionaire that was going to buy a car, and he wanted to use cash, as this was his choice. Does it matter how he was dressed? What was his crime? Just a black man that withdrew cash money legitimately from his bank that gave him the money, ended up handcuffed with guns in his face.

  • Why would that bank manager call the Police if the bank gave him the money legitimately?

  • Why would the Police respond with “Lethal Force” to a person that left a bank after taking money legitimately? It does not matter what he wanted to use it for. If he ran out and was driving fast in a car endangering other innocent people, then this may be the correct approach.

The misguided instinct of Force This is a general interpretation for some, but I believe that responding people are already pumped up on adrenaline when they are called to some instances, so on arrival they are already willing to engage in the use of force because their job makes them believe that this may be necessary and this is correct. Now when it is not required or not called for, they may threaten it because they feel empowered. They are in uniform; they may have colleagues with them; they are armed, so they feel very strong. They may not take too kindly to criticism or being challenged at this moment like, Give me your ID – NO I DON’T HAVE TOO. So already you have not complied with what they have said, this is not about the Law; this is about a person that is in a position of “Authority” giving you a command, and you sticking up for your human rights. So now you are already in a dispute, it's not a legal one as you are legally correct but a personal one, in this moment many Police cross a very simple line, the use of “Force.” How many times is excessive force used when there is no threat to their own safety? An unarmed man against three trained Police officers with weapons cannot be deemed a threat. A man in handcuffs CAN NOT be a threat. How many people have been beaten while they are in a position where they cannot move, either in cuffs or with 2-3 Police physically on, then holding them down while one or two of them is punching them? They are brave in such a situation to strike this helpless person; they feel like they have done wrong, but wrong by their own judgment. They feel a bit protected like they will not get into trouble; THIS IS THE PROBLEM. People need to be accountable for their actions. That’s all this is about. PEOPLE NEED TO BE ACCOUNTABLE. George Floyd Police were involved in his death, when were they arrested and charged? Why not straight away? Because it needs to be investigated? The guy died on camera, what more is there to investigate? Mmmmm may be looking to see if it can be interpreted in a different way. You make the decision.

All lives Matter At the end of the day, this is all we want. I, too, am a man of colour and very sad with the reality. I am not sure when we will live true “Equality”. This is what we want, and now thanks to technology, there are no more hiding places for many situations that may have gone unseen before.

  • We are here to stay

  • We have a loud voice

  • We are strong

  • We are Equals

  • We have taken enough

  • We will not stop

  • We Matter

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