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Can you be loved too much??

Updated: May 2, 2022

Can you give “Too much Love”?

Well, my answer to this was an “Obvious No”, as it didn’t really make sense that you could be Loved too much. Love is the greatest joy/feeling that a person can experience, so I was thinking the more love, the better. But I recently watched a program on TV, and it made me think a little bit.

In this program, there was a woman that was having some issues with the men (as it was an ongoing situation) in her life. She did not feel that they were tuned into her needs enough. (again, this is a general comment). So, the person hosting asked her about how her father treated her when she was growing up? She answered that he was perfect, and he did absolutely everything for her. The person hosting took a big sigh and basically said that her father had totally messed up? Ok, I am in shock at this stage, not really understanding what he meant.

He then said, your Daddy gave you this and that, and your life was easy. He treated you like a Princess, and she agreed. And what about these men in your life now? They don’t give you everything, do they? No, she said. See, they make you work for it, yes, she said. The understanding was that these people are treating her “Normal”, and she was not used to this; what she expected was a man to all at her feet. So, in this person's eyes, her father had given her the wrong expectations of men, and she expected everyone to treat her like a princess. But this is not reality, is it? No, I am not saying that this is wrong; what I am saying is to meet a stranger and to treat them like a princess from day one; it does not happen too often. So, in this case, the father figure had given his daughter too much love, and this was currently affecting her ability to find a man in her life.

Wow, that is pretty heavy, but my question is, does it make sense to you? Can you understand the reason for his comment; because now I do.


What does it mean? Below is the meaning in the dictionary?

· the fact of having a right to something.

· the amount to which a person has a right.

· the belief that one is inherently deserving of privileges or special treatment.

I would say that all of these are correct, but what I want to speak about is when a person thinks they are entitled to something that they are not, maybe something they have grown accustomed to, this is totally a different situation. I will give you some examples:

So, I have a job and work the full month, at the end of the month I feel like I am entitled to my salary. Normal situation.

You pay for a takeaway; you feel you are entitled to what you ordered. Imagine if your order arrived and the delivery guy said, sorry we ran out of burgers so there is one short in your order. I would be very angry but I think this would be normal.

A person’s parents give them a car to drive; they now feel that they are entitled to claim this car as their own, fair enough as it was given to them.

What about a child that grew up in a wealthy family, are they entitled to a rich lifestyle? Well, I just watched a documentary, and this female grew up in a wealthy family. She then married a rich husband and had kids. So far, so good, unfortunate her husband then went broke, losing all his money. So now they had to downgrade their lifestyle. Well, she was not having any of this. As she believed she was entitled to a rich lifestyle. She had him killed and ended up going to jail. She had never had issues with the Law and was brought up very well, she was just disillusioned about the possibility of being poor and decided to act on it by having her husband murdered.

I understand that this is only an example of one person, but I write to say that there are people that are confused between earning something or getting used to something and believing you are now entitled to it..

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