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Tier 4 - What did I do wrong?

Updated: May 3, 2022

Convicted Murderer

I was a bit low on cash, desperate you could say. I couldn’t turn to anybody, so I thought – to hell with this I will go and take it myself. As I went into the store, my intention was only to get some cash as I had done several times before asking for the money from the person behind the till. As he was retrieving it, a second person appeared with a gun drawn, almost in shock I fire shooting the person behind the till. I hit him in the chest and then just ran away. Luckily the second person did not fire their weapon.

I knew that I had proper messed up and that is why I am here. Life sucks. I don’t think I will be out for a long time. What about you, what did you do?

Tier 4

Well, I have been employed for most of my adult life. I have paid all my taxes, and have not stolen anything. I have even given money to Charity, and I even have been faithful to my Girlfriend. And now I find myself locked up in Tier 4. Life sucks.

I am not sure when I will be free to walk out the front door of my house and go and see a “Friend”. Watching the news and the daily infections I think this could still be a long way away. I personally believe that we will go into full lockdown again. Infections are over 50000 per day and deaths close to 1000, so I am not sure why we are not already in lockdown.

It’s a new year, and I am very motivated, but I cannot live my life in this cell called home. I am not designed like this, but I could IF the RULES WERE FAIR and UNDERSTANDABLE with an end date, but they are not. To be honest, I have difficulty understanding them. I can spend a 12-hour shift at work with a person in the same office, but I cannot visit this same person at home. Because there is social distancing at work? Well, 12-hours in the same room I would say is high risk.


What does it look like, and what will it be? Now all I see is people with face coverings on, how is this an acceptable normal, people are almost unrecognisable walking around avoiding each other.


Can you be attractive wearing a face mask? I have not seen too many women with a face mask on and thought “Mmmmm yes”. It's just not a natural thought that I have these days.


Well, I am definitely conflicted about this and daily receiving mixed messages, but I want life to return to a time where I can walk out legally free to see/visit whoever I wish to. So, I will do my part during this incarceration period, and hopefully, it will not last too long.

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