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Changing society - "Normality"

Updated: May 3, 2022

Yesterday is gone, life as we know it does not exist anymore. Do you believe that it will all return to normal? I am not so sure; I believe there will be a “New Normality,” and I think this is scary. We are programmed to what has been normality, but can we change? Will we change? Will we have to change? Is the world ending? I believe NO, so we will still exist, but how?

I think that this Virus has levelled the playing field, and puts people on par with each other, but how will this all unfold? Ok, I can only talk about my opinion.

Lockdown – I believe that we will continue to be like this still for the next 4 to 8 weeks (if the government is smart) because the worst thing to happen would be to lift some restrictions and for the disease to spread again and to have to re-start the process.

Priorities – This process is changing people’s priorities and looks at life. People are asking themselves some questions, now that we all have so much time, we are looking inwards. Once the restrictions are eased, people will rush to some new priorities, some old friends, loved ones, and reconnect physically with people close.

Contact – We need this and would have missed this on a subconscious level, we crave this as humans and will seek it, but will this be permitted as we know it? Will we be able to go to a football game, F1, and stand amongst 1000s for the same entertainment? I don’t believe this will be an option for several months still.

The Economy – Will it recover? What about small businesses will they make it? Self-employed, people that don’t fall under the Government help scheme; what happens to these people? There are some challenging times ahead for many people, and I believe it is possible that people will start doing some desperate acts to feed themselves (but hopefully it won’t come to that). We need to come out of this mentally strong and healthy to embrace the new and live again.

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