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Corona Virus - What has it actually done to society?

Updated: May 3, 2022

Firstly, I would like to say the “Corona Virus” is not a good thing in any capacity. Anything that causes death, pain, and heartbreak, I do not support. So, I want that to be clear before you read the rest of this blog.

But what has it actually done to society, besides making it a bit crazy as we fight for toilet paper, I believed it has levelled out a large portion of people placing most of us on the same level playing field? If not financially, then definitely emotionally. We are all thinking the same way at the moment. For example, say you are wealthy and famous right now, would you visit your elderly parents if they were still alive and you had a good relationship with them? If you were poor and didn’t have much money, struggling in a job working from month to month, would you visit your elderly parents if they were still alive and you had a good relationship with them? The general answer is, NO.

Not because you couldn’t but because you are thinking about health, your health, and their health. I too have a parent that I see regularly, and I definitely did not/would not visit her; if she were to catch something from me, I could not live with this.

You see, people are now forced to look at life differently and ask themselves what is actually important to them as an individual? Ok, I now have all this time on my hands, and I cannot go out and socialize with others where I can drown my emotions and escape reality, so now I need to decide, and understand what is important to me. What do I value, and what do I need?

Not being able to socialize takes away so much from a person’s normality. I consider myself to be a very sociable person, so it definitely does affect me. People will have to accept new values and priorities. In my opinion, we will exist like this for many many months. Enough time to generally change what we would call “Normal Existence.” People firstly need to make it through this period as it is going to be extremely challenging, especially if you have lost your job and have no idea where the next money will come from. Imagine a person that is physically fit but out of work and options regarding getting more work. What might they do? Well if they have a family to feed and no money coming in, they will do something, I am afraid they would do what any desperate person may do. Yes, that’s right, do something illegal, never underestimate what a parent would do to feed their child. This is why we have 20 000 Military on call, because things may start to get crazy, but this is not what I am blogging about today. It's about society.

Can we recover from this? What does recovery look like, if it is back to what our normal life was, then the answer is NO. We cannot. Ok, so what are we looking forward to. Well, I would class it as a “New Normality”. How can I define this, I can’t but what I can say is this? We need to make it through the next couple of challenging months with London in semi lockdown; this may even progress to full lockdown, although I don’t really know what that would look like. We need to keep our sanity and then come out of this ready for new normality.

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