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Could we build this with today?

Updated: May 3, 2022

Do you believe that we can build such a wall with today's technology? A few things that I would like to bring to your attention, something for you to consider regarding this build:

· Symmetry – There is none at all. Meaning that each stone would have to be individually cut into that specific shape to fit into its slot.

· Size and weight of some stones – Some of these stones weigh several tonnes and they are placed in a wall at an elevated level, meaning there was some form of lifting into position.

· Manoeuvrability – As mentioned above the lifting, positioning and moving of these stones would be very difficult to achieve without equipment.

· Gaps between the stones – Some of these gaps you cannot even fit a human hair through. It seems almost like they were glued/fused together. This is after being cut perfectly to fit against another stone that is not symmetrical in any way.

I personally don’t believe that this is achievable today so for me to believe that it was done hundreds of years ago when man had mainly primitive technology; well you tell me what do you believe?

See above, each stone is cut to match the stones fitted against it. This would have had to be done one at a time moving each stone multiple times to get all sides and shapes correct. And there do not seem to be some sides that are not straight against the adjoining rock.

See the picture below to have an idea of how big these stones really are, and they are sculptured around corners and placed together like a perfect jigsaw.

Who do you believe built these walls??

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