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Could you trust a computer?

Updated: May 3, 2022

Could you trust a computer? Well, let’s ask another question. Do computers make mistakes? The answer is NO. A computer will always do what it is programmed to do. But that is exactly the issue. Computers have no “Emotions” and no “Ethics” and this works in many situations but not all the time. At times we need a decision based on humanity I would say. 1’s and 0’s is not humanity.

Alexa – what is that, a device that you can communicate with. Ok so how safe is it? Does it always do what it is commanded to do? Does it listen to everyone? Does it randomly pipe up with some random information? Not sure if you know but this device has been recording people in their private homes so the makers can try to improve their services? Recording what exactly? Everything, what’s your opinion about this. Did you know that things were being recorded in your home? Ok, so the people that listen may not know which home the recordings are from BUT they have been recording (I believe they are looking into disabling this feature).

What about kids spending time with Alexa? What would they learn from this? Is it appropriate? Is it safe? How much would you want to know about a babysitter or the company before you leave your child with one? So, is this very different? What will the future bring with kids exposed to AI when they are growing and learning? Could AI teach children? What would be their priority with children?

Now we have computers designing computers. So, we design a computer to aid us, humans, if a computer builds a computer what would be its main purpose? We are trying to make computers have consciousness. Why, what will these lead to? Them making decisions that they feel are correct, based on what? And if this is the status and we put them in a strong metal body, then how destructive could they be? We already have robots doing things they are not programmed to do. Where does this instruction/direction come from? Where will it end? Terminators, how unrealistic is the concept?

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