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Did this dog pay for a travel card?

Updated: May 3, 2022

I am one of the Londoners that used the tube almost daily to commute to work and back. Now I am sure you will agree that catching the tube is not really an experience that you would describe in a positive manner, in rush hour it does get a little bit cosy. Let’s say that if I had a choice, I would not use the tube. I also use the tube on my days off and sometimes I enter a tube and see a person with a dog on the tube.

Now I am not a dog lover nor am I a dog hater, but here I am, have just entered the tube and there is a Dog on a seat looking at me. Now, I am not really wanted to get the seat or anything like that BUT I look straight into the dog’s eyes and ask myself, “Do you have a travel card to be on this tube with me? Have you paid your taxes like I have to travel on public transport?”. The truth is, the dog has definitely not paid anything but for me, it is a dog. I would never have a dog in my house sitting on the sofa or on my bed, so why does the person with the dog think it is ok for him to be here with his dog taking a chair on the tube? Who cleans these chairs? Where is the respect? This is not right on many levels.

To add to this about 95% of the people in the tube all like the dog, ooh he is so cute. They are patting him and cuddling the dog. Now the dog is enjoying and looking at me like, are you not going to pat / cuddly me? At this point I am thinking, you are closed to getting …………. Then me cuddling you. The dog moves and starts rubbing up against people, like a caress. Many people like this and stroke the dogs, I am still thinking – IT’S A DOG.

I guess you can tell that I am part of the 5% that is not in favour of dogs on the tube. But I am sure that this blog will not change the facts that dog owners think nothing much of having a dog sitting next to them on the London Public Transport System.

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