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Do you need Failure to experience Success?

Updated: May 3, 2022

Can you be successful without experiencing failure? Well, I am sure that technically it's possible, but generally speaking, I would say that you cannot. In order to appreciate success, you need to have experienced failure. You need to put in the work and the dedication, this way you will appreciate the success. I believe if you have it handed to you on a silver plate, you simply don't appreciate it. You also have a very big misconception about value. I believe that people that have less appreciate more when they receive/achieve it.

You need to take a risk to progress forward, safety will keep you doing what you have been doing. Something that is very safe and predictable. Success starts with an idea, usually out of the box, and the idea that many people close to you would say, mmmmmmm don't think that's a good idea. But if you have the belief in it, you may proceed anyway and this is how many have succeeded. It is also how many have failed. Those that stayed doing what they know neither failed nor succeeded.

Well, the question is, which one do you want to be. Where in life do you want to be. If you are not willing to take risks, then generally speaking you will remain in your controlled working concept/environment.

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