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Dying to Live or Living to Die

Updated: May 3, 2022

Dying to live, or are we living to Die, what does this actually mean? Why struggle and fight to live when you are just going to Die? Mmmm a grim thought, but does it have some truth in it? let’s see if we can break it down.

(What’s worse, dying when you want to live, or living when you want to die?)

Dying to Live – Meaning that you are not in a good place, and you are trying to get yourself in a better mental or physical place. To experience more happiness and joy in your life. You are motivated to try harder. See the picture below, this person really wants to live more.

Living to Die – Meaning you are totally not happy in your current situation, and you are looking to end it. Maybe you have tried many things to change it, and you are done, have given up, and are ready to let it all go. Just sort of accepted the inevitable. No more motivation at all.

Life is such a precious thing, but it does not always have the correct value placed on it. Some people may not have been lucky and just not ever found that happy place. A place they can strive both mentally and physically, these people would welcome death. Some people just don’t give a shit about life.

But what about the struggle, the fight, the hardship, and the final reward is only death? It seems like a bum deal to me, but to make it all worth it you need to make sure you are enjoying and living life to the full. I read somewhere that there are certain things you MUST have in your life, and I agree with it.

1 - To keep your mind creative

2 - To keep yourself physically in shape

3 - To make some money.

The second and third points are pretty easy to understand; I want to talk more about the first point. Our mind controls all aspects of our life. Sadness, happiness, depression, anxiety, frustration, and heartbreak are all emotions of the mind. But you have to make your journey of life worth it. You need to push and find emotional happiness and excitement. Your minds need this as much as physical satisfaction. We need to feed both physical and emotional pleasure to stimulate ourselves. This is a natural requirement; it is how we have been designed. We need to embrace these requirements and actively pursue them aggressively because they don’t usually come to you. "Hello, I am happiness at your front door". Nothing wrong with going after something that makes you happy. Look at what some people do achieve this; like climbing Mount Everest, sailing around the world, doing Triathlons these are all very challenging things, but many people attempt, complete these and feel very rewarded after. I cycled from London to Brighton, I was not paid or anything like that BUT the feeling I had when I crossed the finish line, wow, it made everything worth it. It was definitely feeding the mind and the body on this day, as after this I was a man down for a while 😊

Why do you think you need to be creative? It is in our human DNA; we are very intelligent creatures, we learn from the day that we are born, and I believe we will continue learning our whole life. But I think you need to challenge your mind at times. Get it thinking out of its normal box. Thinking about things, it wouldn’t usually think of, just like an athlete stretching his legs before he runs. You may find some hidden talents, and you branch off into different ideas and tasks. Our brain and body cannot just sit idle, doing nothing. Like a person in a coma, their muscles start to deteriorate because they are not used, same could happen to you, so make sure you use them.

You need to find your happy place in life; don’t be shy to pursue this and remember to feed the mind as well as the body, and then you will be “Dying to Live.”

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