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Black & White

Updated: May 3, 2022

What does it really mean? It’s like Day and Night, will they ever merge? We live in a world full of different nationalities, and everyone looks different but the truth is there is a large separation between what they say is Black & White. I would like to talk more on this subject as I believe there is a lot that should be said. People seem to forget that we are basically all the same. But I would say that Black & White is not a skin colour but a mental state. Just because a person is white does not make them hate black people and vice versa. This is more about upbringing and mentality. How were you brought up, and what were you taught? What are your beliefs, can this ever be resolved? My answer is NO.

People have so much hate in them, for not good enough reasons. They are miss guided and have a lot of anger that they freely give out. But we are all just people. I know of a story where a white French family had a daughter, and she was dating a black man. They were totally against it and were threatening her with all sorts. Then one day she got sick and needed a very complicated operation. The father was rich and went to find the best Doctor that money could find at the time (this was in Africa by the way). Guess what, Doctor was a black man. When their father met him in person, turns out the black doctor could speak French. The girl’s father was very happy about this and straight away accepted for him to operate on his daughter. This is a twisted type of racism. He was not happy for his daughter to have sex with a black man, but happy for her to be operated on by a black man, because he was well qualified and spoke French? Where do you draw the line? How do you draw the line, to some people the line is a dot because they have already passed it.

Racism is such a challenge but so real in our day to day lives. Now you have people getting charged for the slightest racial comments even made as a joke to their personal friends. This is totally out of control and I predict a very unpleasant destination for this.

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06 nov 2019

Unfortunately true and very sad. One would hope racism would decrease as the generations go by, but if one thinks realistic it feels like it will never fade away. Which makes people like Martin Luther King even more important in our history and may never be forgotten.

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