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Happiness, what is it defined as?

Updated: May 3, 2022

Does happiness have a limit? Can you measure happiness? These are general questions but I will give you an example, to get you thinking. So 2 people playing golf. The first hits the ball and goes straight into the hole. So yes a hole in one. He is absolutely ecstatic. Later on that same day a second person hits the ball, and it bounces 3 times and then goes into the hole, he too is ecstatic. So my question is, who of the two players was happier? Which was a better shot? In my opinion, they are equally happy. There is no shot that is better than the other, as it is technical BUT the way it felt when the ball went in they were both ecstatic.

Now I accept that in the build-up there could be more pressure, like let's say that it's the Champions League Final, yes there is a lot more pressure, But happiness will still remain the same. Last year I saw a person score a goal that made his Team avoid relegation. I also saw a person score a goal that clinched the Premier League, they were as happy as each other. The point is that happiness is an emotion, it cannot be bought or sold. It can be appreciated and treasured.

In the picture below, happy kids at an orphan home. But still people get confused about what makes them happy. Generally speaking, it is not something physical it is something emotional, or something that appeals to your emotions; and anyone can be happy even if not for a prolonged period of time.

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