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Hate - Where does this come from? Can we avoid it?

Updated: May 3, 2022

Love – This is a very natural emotion one that (hopefully) all people would have experienced. This is not taught, understood from when you were growing up from the people that raised them. You would have meant a lot to whoever raised you, and that’s why they would have shown you love. It is also one of the most powerful forces you can feel. When you are in love, a mountain looks like a small step that you may have to take for your loved one.

Hate – This is something that you would have been taught to you even though you may not have been aware of the lesson or had a choice in it. Some of this is completely inappropriate but it is out of control at the moment. I will give you a couple of examples. Hate does not come naturally; you don’t just hate a person? Yes, you can naturally dislike something. Say you eat cabbage and don’t like it. Yes, next time if you have a choice, you may choose not to eat cabbage, you may even proclaim that you hate cabbage, and this is fine. But explain, how can a person “Hate” a 5-year-old Muslim girl, who has not done anything to anyone? This is the hate that is taught.

When kids are young, they have no fear and definitely no hate in them. They will play with any kid, any race, any colour, they don’t understand the concept of race, privilege, religion (and mortgages). They just want to enjoy and play. This is how all people start in life. THEN during the time, they are growing up, those that are looking after them, educating them from day to day; I am talking about, how they will structure this feeling we call hate. They will take on the beliefs that have been shown to them as normal, and they will believe it is normal. They will not actually see it as hate.

For example, a man has a son called Frank, whom he loves very much so he is a proud father. He is also a very committed Spurs fan, going to the games almost every week. When his son is old enough, he joins his father at all the games, signs all the songs and is just a staunch Spurs supporter as his father. Guess which supporters this son now hates? Arsenal supporters, why, because that was the norm growing up.

Another example, Frank wants to go and play with the other kids, No Frank you cannot go and play with those kids, Why Dad? Because I said so. Frank will believe that these kids are different to him, and this is where I believe HATE is bred.

Dislike is something that you have to experience or a personal preference. Hate is, unfortunately, in your DNA.

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