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I am "Institutionalised" you decide.

Updated: May 3, 2022

The other day I bought some grapes, as you do and started to eat them. Biting into one, I encounter some seeds. To be honest, I did not really think about it at first, just removed the seeds from my mouth and placed another grape in my mouth.

The same thing happened again; I bit down on a seed. Mmmmm again not really reading into it I took them out and placed a third grape into my mouth. Again, bit into some seeds. Now, hold on a minute what is going on here? I mean are we talking about a seed in every grape? How is this even possible? I was even thinking; I am not sure I can eat these grapes like this.

Then it hits me, what am I talking about, I have been eating grapes for most of my life. To be honest, I cannot really remember when the last time was, I had a grape that had a seed in it, BUT it was a long time ago. I would say, years ago. But hang on a second, I grew up eating grapes with seeds, so what is my issue?

Institutionalized, I have been eating grapes for so long without seeds on a subconscious level that I now believe that this is how it is meant to be. Finding a seed in a grape seemed so wrong.

See as a person I have changed my perspective on this, and that is why I am saying “I am institutionalized”.

In life, we get used to certain things, accustomed to them that subconsciously we believe it to be normal. But the truth is that it isn’t. This is where people interpret things incorrectly because it's not really about right or wrong it's about what they are accustomed to being right /wrong or normal/un-normal.

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