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Instincts - What is our "Default Setting" & should we listen to it?

Updated: May 3, 2022

Say you go running, so no particular destination, but more like to exercise. And say at some point during the run you, stop and you start to walk and catch your breath again, so what is it that actually made you stop? Ok, there are definitely TWO things that contributed to you stopping; do you know what they are?

Your physical ability - You are tired, but are you really tired? Can you go further? Have you reached your physical limit? Is it a fact that you cannot go any further? I will get back to this point.

Your mind, instinct tells you to stop - That you are enough, and it is getting a bit too hard for you? So, you stop because your “Default settings “tell you to stop. (this example is if you are still out and have not completed your route yet).

Now, if you are motivated to achieve something, then you MUST push through this basic default setting; both physically and mentally. If you want to say reach the top of a mountain, it is more than likely that you will get tires at some stage of your journey. But you will not stop because you are motivated to get to the top, you have set this as a goal, and you will not stop till you get there. So, you actually need to understand that you need to push your body many times past your “comfort zone” to achieve many things.

Sitting at home watching TV with a remote and ordering take away food is very comfortable. Sounds like a good Sunday afternoon to me but I will not achieve much like this. 😊

Now let’s talk about a mindset on the same subject, and I want to use the word “Fear” as this does stop a lot of people from doing/getting involved in certain things. What could they fear, you may ask? Failure, embarrassment, physical harm. To overcome such situations, you have to be brave, but more importantly, you need to “Believe in yourself” that you can / and will be ok. Self-belief will take you places you never knew you could get to. It runs close with motivation, but this will give you more strength than you may realize. Let’s look at the fight between David and Goliath?

He must have believed that you could be victorious, that’s why he was “in the fight.” See many people fail at this exact point, they may fight BUT they are not in the fight. They don’t believe or they are afraid to take a risk. Ok, let’s not do that because maybe it won’t work; Ok, maybe it will work?? Obviously, there needs to be some thought and homework done on a subject before you dive into it, and in truth, I am sure you will fail many times just like many successful people. You still need to have that belief, the drive will come naturally from the belief, and you should not fear and go for it.

I have failed many times in my life, I was fighting but, “I was not in the Fight”, now I have a totally different mindset, I am more open to my own possibilities, just like you should be open to your own. It’s what has brought me here. Next time you fight, make sure you are – in the fight.

Regarding your physical ability, never underestimate yourself, you are more capable physically than you may realise AND sometimes you don’t need to be the biggest or strong to win, just a bit smarter.

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