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Updated: May 3, 2022

What does it really mean? Can we be institutionalised? Generally speaking, I am defining this as having settled for your existence to be your norm. With no desire to change, or maybe not even able to change. An extreme example: What about a person that has been in jail for say 30 years and doesn't not want to leave jail. He is so used to jail that he believes that he cannot exist in the free world. And if he is freed, what will he do? Commit a crime to come back to jail, back to what he calls the accepted safety. This is institutionalised. So this same person if he remains in jail is he still being punished? If he wants to be in jail then I would say that he is no longer being punished, in fact, he is living freer than many people.

Olympic Gold, what has your mindset have to be to win gold? You need to do/have 3 things.

1 you need to believe you can beat everybody else in the world at your chosen event.

2 train with absolute dedication.

3Must have some talent.

These three things are a must. So you need to believe and exist outside of the box, you need to believe with every fibre in your body. You need to believe what many people may not believe, that you can do it. Failure is very easy as many odds are against you. So people that are at the top of their sports you need to respect their hard work and dedication, even though I have never won gold in my life I am sure it is an unbelievable experience.

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