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Need Vs Want (what is more important)

Updated: May 3, 2022

Ok, is moving from point “A” to point “B” a necessity, do we really need to go there? Because it is possible, we don't even need to go there at all? But for this example, let’s say that we need to go there. Let’s say it's 5 miles away.

Ok so we have established we need to go there BUT how are we choosing to go there? Well, let’s look at the options that we have? Well I could walk there, catch a bus, take a taxi, Uber or go in a Bugatti mmmmmmm yes in a Bugatti would be great, or a brand you luxury 4X4 vehicle, but is this a necessity? I think you will agree that there are many ways of getting from one point to another. So, the answer is; do I need to go in a Bugatti. I don’t need to travel in style or luxury, I may want to (again finance does play a part).

If you are in First Class on a plane and I am in the standard seats. We are still getting from point “A” to point “B” together. We will leave and arrive at the same time. You will have a few more comforts and space, but this is not a necessity. Many people come out of a place from the standards seats just fine. So, this is about personal preference and budget. So, it’s an emotional need/decision also related to finances.

In the picture below; do we want or need this? The truth is, and I am sure you will agree, this is a need because if you don’t drink and eat, our bodies would not survive, and we would die. So, this is a simple one. Something we don’t have an option to do without. This is something that your body needs.

So, what is the difference? Well to make it plain and simple:

NEED – This is something that we more physically need to survive. Food, water, warmth, and protection, to name a few. Without them, you would die.

WANT – This is more of an emotional need. To travel in a Bugatti instead of a Taxi, to fly first class instead of economy. Do have “Smirnoff Vodka” instead of “Russian Standard Vodka”, to go with the Blonde instead of the Brunette. These are actually all preferences that you can actually live without.

What about things like Love and Affection? Mmmmmm yes, we all want this, but some people don’t / ever had it. They still exist a people, but they are slightly altered (let’s say). They have different emotions and values and sometimes struggle to exist normally in society.

So I would say that to exist in this crazy world, we do need to have what we NEED and what we WANT (from time to time) as this will balance us out to understand and hopefully appreciate VALUE and be a normal person in society.

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