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Origination - Who are we? Who do we represent in life?

Updated: May 3, 2022

Where are we from, how do you identify yourself? Does it matter, who does it matter to? Do people represent the country they are from, a place where they are born, a place they belong to or a place their partner is from? Can you adopt a country? Well, let’s look into this. It is very common that some sportspeople; say are living in England, as an example, but they cannot make the England national Team in whatever sport. But their parents are from …………. and they can actually claim this nationality and that national team is easier to make. So, they do this and end up representing a country they have no technical association with. This I think is a bit ………. what do you think? You have a person with a flag-draped around them for a country they have hardly even been in. Their association is only some paperwork. And when that team loses or is knocked out of the even, they are on the first plane back to England where they actually live. This does not seem like a “True Representation” to me?

Identity, what do we call ourselves, we all have a name, but I want to share some thoughts on it? And this may be a bit sensitive for some, but it's only an opinion. I have a name just like everyone else, but this name was given to me when I was born before I could even say ….. Now I have a nickname as well, this is something that I earned while I was growing up. Is my nickname more of a true identity to me? As it is more associated with who or what I am?

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