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Updated: Oct 13, 2019

I totally respect religion but I want to express some of my thoughts on a certain part of it. Just about every morning on my way to work I see 2 people standing by the tube station with these books on religion, and again most days in the evening when i come home from work. I see them there very often. I believe they are there to help people, to educate people about the Lord. Maybe even to convert people. This is all well and good, but i have never actually ever seen anyone talking to / with them.

So they are there about 8am and again at about 18:30hrs. So my questions is, who is passing at these times? I will tell you who. People going to work or coming back from work. I don't know of too many people that have a lot of time going or coming from work, so for me this category of people is unrealistic to stop, but I will tell you who is there. Homeless people / beggars. These people are sitting almost in front of them. If there is anyone that actually needs help its them. They are actually there asking for help? Large sign saying, help me I am homeless. Instead they stand there waiting for a person that has some where to go, to stop and speak with them. I feel if they really want to help, then they should help these homeless people as a start. There actions just make me question their motives. Help is help there should be no type of agenda.

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Very true. However who knows, if the religious people already tried to approach the homeless. How do we know if the homeless rejected their help and are only interested in money - as so many beggars are unfortunately. I gave my full breakfast to a guy begging with a child last week and he reject the food and only wanted money. We mostly don't see what happens between 8am and 18:30pm, as we are all busy will work.

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