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The "Rose" that grew through concrete.

Updated: May 3, 2022

What does this picture mean to you? Well, I am sure it could mean many things, but I would like to express what it means to me. This is a very serious subject that I can relate directly to. It’s a bit to do with “Privilege” and “Expectations,” but let’s look at the picture first. So, it’s a Rose that has somehow grown in a location; it has no right to be. I am very sure it was not planted there on purpose, and it was not looked after. In fact, it had more chance of being crushed, than to actually blossoming. I would say that on a scale of 1 to 10; people would have predicted a 0% chance of this rose actually growing and producing a beautiful flower.

Let’s say that the “Rose” is a person and that the “Concrete” is the world we live in, do we all get to grow up in a nice and easy life? Do we get to go to the bests schools and have no general worries in life? Look at the picture below. Do you think that the people in the class on the right want to achieve less than the people in the class on the left-hand side? Why should their dreams be different? They are not. Generally speaking, they all want to be successful in life, but I will promise you that the people in the class on the left have a much tougher journey and it can start from such a young age too. How do they travel to school? How is their home life, do they eat every night, do they worry about having to move often?

Privilege, what exactly does it mean, some people don’t actually even understand this? They have it and don’t realize it. When you have to struggle through certain parts of your life, it builds character and makes you stronger as a person, BUT you do have to go through some tuff times, making some tuff decisions, and this could leave you carrying an emotional/unseen burden. It could make you slightly differently wired from other people. Make you react differently to certain situations only because you have experienced more. So even though you arrive and the blossomed rose, you do have some, let’s say some damaged petals compared to others that grew up with no worries and concerns in life. Yes, this is very generic, but this was a reality to me. I am very sure I was not expected to be where I am today. I look at myself as a rose that grew from concrete.

A famous Rapper does talk about this R.I.P 2Pac (I love his music) but the youtube clip below; I think it explains it as clear as day and night. We all need to run our own race called life; we all would like to finish successfully. Some people do have a head start and don’t even realize this. Not even using it to their advantage or are other people working twice as hard just passing you by and becoming more successful? Which one are you?

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