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Understanding Energy

Updated: May 3, 2022

How does the human bodywork? This is just a very general overview. So, people have muscles, and this is what we use for movement. Our bodies need energy in order to fuel our muscles. And just like with all other muscles these can be exercised to be bigger, stronger and more efficient, but is there a maximum to what is achievable?

We all have a certain amount of energy, but there are definitely two types of energy I would like to talk about.

Negative Energy – Like when you are angry or you hate a person, this actually requires energy and a thought process. It takes away from you, even subconsciously. It drains you more physically than you may realise. It definitely leaves you worse off.

Positive Energy – This is when you are focused and doing something good, or productive. This is more than physical energy, it's like a mindset, that will make you believe, YOU CAN.

Mindset is a very powerful thing, strength and energy will make you perform but a mindset will take it to the next level. Sometimes the energy can even be nervous energy. This is normal but you need to be able to convert or focus this energy making it productive for you in a positive way.

Think of a man on his first date with a woman he really likes, an athlete about to run his first professional race, a woman getting ready for a romantic night out with her new love. These people all feel almost untouchable, well ok they feel great, strong, and positive. This is a powerful person. Imagine being able to harness such energy and use it for a single purpose. This would be unparalleled strength.

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